There are various injustices affecting the world today.  Unjust wars, overthrow of democratically elected leaders, killing of innocents, hate crimes, police brutality, poverty, and homelessness are historical problems.  These have been affecting society for millennia.  Today, however, you have the power to affect change by word and by deed much more easily.

Stand for Liberty with the tools you have. Enjoin good and Forbid evil.
Stand for Liberty with the tools you have.  Enjoin good and Forbid evil.

Our founding fathers like Washington and Jefferson envisioned a land of freedom and opportunity where we could worship as we wish and seek happiness.  Jefferson, himself, used the unlikely scenario of a Muslim in the 1700s being able to make a home and live his life without fear as an ideal state for America. Here we are today, trying to make this ideal state a reality.  Be the ideal Muslim for the ideal America and our neighbors will no longer fear us.

Activism doesn't give us the right to be rude.
Activism doesn’t give us the right to be rude.

Facebook and Twitter shouldn’t be a means for bullying but sadly, for many, they face this daily barrage of opinions.  Share thoughtful articles empathizing with the downtrodden or newspaper snippets with real sources about statistics in the Muslim world.  Find ways to take your work into reality through charities and outreach programs. Learn ways to make a compelling argument about why opinions should change.

This is the thought behind Asima Silva’s activism regarding social justice, outreach, and interfaith.  Join her in making the world a better place through or take your own important and worthy path. May God bless your work and keep your intentions pure.