Asima Silva worked as a software engineer for IBM for over a decade, first starting out in the very selective Extreme Blue program.  “Extreme Blue recruits the top students from universities worldwide, assembles them into mixed teams of business and technical students, and puts them to work building solutions to real challenges and customer pain points throughout IBM’s lines of business. ”

In 2011, she attained the level of Master Inventor for serving as a role model for the technical community, actively mentoring other inventors and using her expertise to elevate the profile of Intellectual Property and its value to her company.

She chaired the “Collaboration Application” Patent Review Board and was an evaluator for the “Real-Time Instant Messaging and Social” and the “Big Data” Review Boards.

To date, she has filed for >100 patents with the US Patent Office, of which >20 have been granted.  For a list of patents by Asima Silva, click here.